LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini Bore Sight

LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini Bore SightDescription

Save time, money and ammunition with the LaserLyte Laser Bore Sight. Incorporating LaserLyte's patented one-piece design and caliber-fitting systems the new Laser Bore Sight is fifty percent smaller than the previous model. This easy-to-use product can get a shooter within three to four inches of the bull's-eye at 100 yards in about three shots. Constructed from tough T6 aluminum, the


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This product was manufactured by LaserLyte.

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3 thoughts on “LaserLyte 22-50 Caliber Mini Bore Sight

  1. I bought this laser bore sight since I own several different guns that range from .22 up to 12 guage. This product will work on all of my guns. I was disappointed that the laser was not centered. If I rotated the laser the dot would change position on the target 25 yards away. On an up note this was good enough to get my first shots on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper at 25 yards.

  2. My LaserLyte is useless for sighting in anything! Bought the older version about 2 years ago. Put it in my Mini 14 .223 and watched through the scope while my partner rotated the laser while installed in the muzzle and I saw the laser point move in a circle around the target, equal to about 45 inches in diameter at 100 yards around my crosshairs. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the screw hole in the tail end of the device is off center and machined at an angle so there is no way for the centering device to hold the tail end of the probe in the center of the barrel. My 12-year old could have done a better job of machining that screw hole with a hand drill. Other than that, its a novel laser pointer. I think if I cut it down and tap a new hole in the end, I might use it in a pistol.

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